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Practitioner Jenick Toomassian has her MD degree from Mkhitar Heraci Medical university in Armenia and graduated from South Baylo University in Los Angeles with a degree in Acupuncture. She uses the knowledge she gained from both schools to diagnose and treat her patients more effectively. She speaks English, Armenian and Farsi.

Jenick Toomassian, Ph. D

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How Acupuncture Works

When vital energy or blood doesn’t flow smoothly in the body, it causes pain or other problems.

For centuries, Chinese physicians have used very tiny needles to treat people health issues. Now we know more than 300 points on the skin that correspond to different organ systems in the body. An acupuncturist diagnosis the problem base on symptoms. After diagnosing, the acupuncturist will place tiny sterile needles on specific “acu” points to treat the patient. Sometimes needles are not enough so the acupuncturist uses herbal formulas also. Acute cases treatment takes less time than complicated and chronic cases.

Jenick Toomassian, Ph. D

Acupuncture is a form of treatment utilizing tiny needles (Microneedling) inserted into the various acupoints and channels on the body. 

Cupping is a form of treatment that places cups mainly on the back to promote the movement of Qi and invigorate the blood.

Herbal medicine is a combination of oriental herbs, seeds, and roots made into a tonic based on the ailment and illness.

We use ZYTO scan tech to measure skin response and identify stress levels and issues with sleep, food, and environment. Then we provide customized solutions like supplements, oils, and services to restore balance and wellness.

Relief Acupuncture can help patients with

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First Visit

 we accept car accident , personal injury and workers comp cases.

 insurances with Aetna, Ash Group including  kaiser if patient has coverage for acupuncture.

 cash patients:  First session is $120.00 and following sessions are $80.00

Please print the forms (patient intake form and consent form) complete and bring with you on the first appointment to save time.

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    Work Hours

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